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32O                             LETTERS   FROM   THE

that he had cleaned and spruced up, which had
its effect; he gave 9,000 for it five years ago,
and has taken away twenty of his best negroes.

The rainy season continues dreadfully; yester-
day our river overflowed a vast tract of country.

I am convinced there is danger in acquiring
property here for many years to come. I regret
I did not find a spot nearer the town for my
grant, because gardening is the most lucrative of
all trades, when the carriage of fruit and vege-
tables to market does not sink the profits. I am
told an acre of land produces .1,000 a year to
Dr. O'Meara, who has a neat garden of a less
size in the skirts of the town; it may, however,
not be so salubrious.

January z6th, 1803.

I have just returned from a three days* excur-
sion to the heart of the island, in company with
the new governor, Colonel Fullarton, Mrs. Fullar-
ton, and suite. Our object was to attend the
Feast of St. Paul's Conversion, at Orima, the
settlement of the Indians. We set out at day-
break, on Monday; the Fullartons in their sociable,